Getting Around Atlanta

Atlanta runs the best public rail system in the southeast. The MARTA (Metro Area Rapid Transit Authority) rail system is also among the best in the entire country. The city is divided up into four color-coded lines: red, gold, blue and green. The red and gold lines run north-south, while the blue and green lines run east-west. All four lines converge at a central station near the center of Atlanta in the historic Five Points district. Major stops include the civic center, the CNN center, the art museum and the Peachtree shopping center. You can ride the train from the airport on the south end north all the way to North Springs, or you can ride it from Indian Creek in the east to its western terminus at Hamilton Holmes. The red line runs right through Buckhead.

If the train cannot get you to your destination, the bus certainly can. MARTA also runs an extensive series of bus routes that crisscross the city. Nearly one hundred routes are served on a daily basis and more are opened on special occasions. The city offers regular buses, expresses buses and mobility buses for the disabled. You can reach any neighborhood or district in the city aboard a MARTA bus. The Transit Authority even offers special shuttles to Turner Field and Six Flags Over Georgia.

Several different cab companies operate in Atlanta and the surrounding area, including Buckhead. If riding the bus or train is not your style, you can jump into a cab at any time and ride in comfort to your destination.

Private or Rental Cars
Atlanta has a well-designed system of roads and highways that are easy to navigate. You can bring your own car or rent a car. Every major car rental company and several regional ones have locations in the Atlanta area. You can choose any type of vehicle you desire, from a subcompact car to a large sport utility vehicle. Many rental companies will even pick you up from the airport or your hotel.

You can also ride your bike around Atlanta and Buckhead. Unfortunately, Atlanta is not yet set up for serious cyclists and there are few bicycle lanes, so you may want to confine your cycling to the most pedestrian-friendly areas of the city, such as Five Points.