Atlanta Special Events

Georgia Renaissance Festival
Beginning in mid-April, the Georgia Renaissance Festival is an eight weeklong medieval event. Featuring jousting tournaments, sword swallowing shows, belly dancers, and glass demonstrations, the Renaissance Festival is one of the Southeast's most popular events. The event also offers live entertainment, several medieval-themed food choices, a rock-climbing wall, and a haunted ship.

National Black Art Festival
Atlanta's National Black Art Festival is one of the top presenters of African-American culture in the nation as it attracts over a half million spectators annually. Visitors of all ages and ethnic backgrounds are inspired by the high-quality presentations. The event also features poetry jams, workshops and seminars, and a youth talent show.

Atlanta Street Food Festival
The Atlanta Street Food Festival showcases the city's most popular food truck vendors. This daylong event not only features local truck vendors, it offers music performed by some of the most popular bands in the area.

Mississippi in the Park
Sponsored by the Mississippi Society of Georgia, Mississippi in the Park features blues bands, fried catfish, and some of the tastiest caramel cakes in the South. While the event is geared toward people with ties to the state of Mississippi, anyone is welcome. This annual event takes place each summer at Chastain Park.

Atlanta Tattoo Festival
Attracting thousands of guests each year, the Atlanta Tattoo Festival features some of the world's finest tattoo artists. In addition to getting tattooed by some of the world's best, the festival offers stores, souvenir stands, and plenty of food and drink options.

Little Five Points Halloween Parade
For those who are into things that go bump in the night, Atlanta's Little Points Halloween Parade is the place to be. Ghouls playing the bagpipes, ghosts juggling, and witches playing the drums are just a few oddities that can be witnessed at this unique event. Be warned: this parade is not for the faint of heart as many of the costumes are pretty graphic.

Atlanta Dogwood Festival
Every spring, Atlanta holds its annual Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park. The festival is home to the nationally recognized Fine Artists Market that displays jewelry, paintings, photography, sculptors and much more. The Dogwood Festival also has a Kids Village that features large inflatables, face painting, and arts and crafts. Included in the festivities are plenty of food and beverage options, as well as several concerts and musical shows.